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Dreamworth Academy

Dreamworth Academy is a global membership community where growing entrepreneurs get access to expert designed strategies, courses, and tools to help their businesses grow and scale strategically.


You need tools and strategies for 
every level of your business. 

Whether you are start-up or a well-established entrepreneur, you need tools that will enhance your expertise at every new stage within your business. I have taken the concept of premium expert "done for you" designs and strategies and extended it online into courses and digital products built around business productivity, website development, business development and design.


Who is Dreamworth Academy right for? 

Dreamworth Academy is perfect for you if...

  • You love to learn at your own pace

  • You love and use Wix, Dubsado and/or Canva in your business

  • You enthusiastically seek strategies you can implement right away in your business.

  • You seek new innovative ideas and solutions for your business

  • You are passionate about providing simplistic solutions for your clients 

Where design + strategy meet

Inside Dreamworth Academy you get exclusive access to...

All things Wix

Get professional support and training from a certified Wix expert. Learn firsthand all the newest releases and updates in Wix from automations in Ascend to new integrations such as Google My Business.

All things Canva

You're not design savvy and that's okay! As a member, you get access to predesigned "done for you" Canva friendly templates to help position you as the expert you are.

All things Dubsado

Learn how to scale and streamline your business effectively in Dubsado with training, guides and courses.

All things Digital Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing focuses on having online receipts (I.e analytics). As a member, you will learn how to successfully strategically position your business for growth.

Sneak a Peek At What's Included

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Meet Your Instructor

Hey there! I'm Rima

As the CEO of Dreamworth & Co and your instructor, my goal is to provide you with self paced solutions to help you scale and grow your business. I know the learning curve with platforms such as Dubsado, Canva and Wix can be #real but in my academy, I help simplify those platforms by creating courses and digital products. 

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Frequently asked questions

When do I get access to my membership content?

You recieve immediate access to all content in the academy. To access your membership login at the top of you web page where it says login and from your account you can see all the courses and digital products. New content is release monthly.

What if I need additional support after I complete a course?

For additional support you may book a {FREE} consult here.

How long is the membership?

The membership is renewed monthly and can be cancelled at after one month at anytime. If you decide to cancel, you will no longer have access to pass or future content.

What makes Dreamworth Academy different from others?

Unlike other membership platforms, Dreamworth academy provides learning solutions for you at every stage in your business, whether you are a start up and need beginner friendly guides or a established entrepreneuer and need in depth courses and trainings.

Is the Dubsado subscription fee included in the membership?

No, the paid paln for Dubsado is $35 or $350 for the year and IS NOT included however with my affiliate code "dreamflow" , you save towards yoru first month or year.

What my members are saying...

"The dubsado section is awesome I finally set-up my dubsado the right way I am ready to on-board clients through it."

— Dineisha Goddard


Become a Dreamworth Academy member for $9.97/month

What's included:

  • 1 hour masterclass for Wix, Dubsado, or Canva support per month

  • Members only courses

  • Members only trainings 

  • All-access to courses and digital downloads