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3 Reasons Why your Family & Friends Are Not Your Target Audience

Updated: Jun 21

When you launch a business or project, it is natural to want to tell the people that are closest to you. It's great when your family and friends support you. They attend all of your events, mention your business on their social media and read your blog. However, if you are focusing on building a business or brand, be mindful that they are not your target audience.

Your family and friends are just an audience that didn't need much effort towards gaining their attention-you already had it. Identifying your target audience requires more research, work and time. 

You might not agree with this, but here are three reasons why you should.

1. Your family and friends are your security blanket

They won't challenge or tell you what you need to hear for growth as an entrepreneur because they value your friendship and feelings. In fact, they make it easy and comfortable for you to share your content or ideas. As a new entrepreneur, understand that if you are already comfortable in the beginning stages of your building your business, you are operating out of fear. Your fears of having a blog that will attract readers, gaining new clients and selling out events hinder you from reaching a wider audience. 

2. Your family and friends are not cash cows

You expect them to promote, invest in and participate at every event you have. Your family and friends are your support system, but they are not your lab rats. You have to take the time out to market yourself through ads, social media, etc. It can not always be left up to your family and friends to fill up the seats.

3. Your family and friends will ask for discounts

With comfort brings costs and sadly you will be the one eating those costs. When inviting friends or family to your events, you may experience them asking for free admission or discounts. With your business, you want people to value what you offer and to meet you at your price point.

"Settling for crumbs doesn't leave you fed, it leaves you starving"  

Don't settle or sell yourself short from achieving your dream. Take a risk today, identify your target audience and start pursuing them.

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