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3 Reasons Why your Family & Friends Are Not Your Target Audience

Updated: 6 days ago

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When starting a business, it's natural to first turn to those closest to us – our friends and family. While their support is heartwarming and encouraging, it's crucial to recognize that they are not your target audience. Here's why:

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1. They're Not Your Market

Your Inner Circle vs. The Real World

Your friends and family are great for initial encouragement, but they’re not a true test of the market. They might love everything you do just because they love you. They won't challenge or tell you what you need to hear for growth as an entrepreneur because they value your friendship and feelings. In fact, they make it easy and comfortable for you to share your content or ideas. As a new entrepreneur, understand that if you are already comfortable in the beginning stages of building your business, you are operating out of fear. Your fears of having a blog that will attract readers, gain new clients, and sell out events hinder you from reaching a wider audience. 

2. Comfort Zone ≠ Growth Zone

Understanding the Limits of Family and Friends

It's a common trap for entrepreneurs: seeing friends and family as an ever-ready support system for every business need, from promotion to investment. But here's the reality check – they are not infinite resources, and it's unfair to treat them as such.

Think about it. Would you rely on your best friend to fill every seat at your events or your cousin to share every social media post? That's a lot to ask from people who are there for emotional support, not as your personal marketing team.

The Need for Independent Marketing Strategies

Instead, it’s vital to establish a marketing strategy that doesn’t lean heavily on your personal connections. For example, imagine you're launching a new line of eco-friendly activewear. Rather than asking Uncle Bob to share all your posts, you invest in targeted social media ads that reach fitness enthusiasts who genuinely care about sustainability. This approach not only spares your family the pressure but also opens up your business to a much wider, interested audience.

The Bottom Line

Your friends and family can be your cheerleaders, but they shouldn't be your only fans. A successful business needs customers beyond your inner circle - those who will engage with your brand because they love what you do, not just because they love you.

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3. Money Matters: The Financial Strain

The Hidden Cost of Familiar Faces

Having your friends and family as your primary customers can put you in a tough spot financially. They might expect discounts or freebies, and let's be honest, it's hard to say no to them. But your business needs real, paying customers to be sustainable in the long run.

"Settling for crumbs doesn't leave you fed, it leaves you starving"  

Don't settle or sell yourself short of achieving your dream. Take a risk today, identify your target audience, and start pursuing them.

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