How I Increased My Pinterest Traffic by 700% In 3 days

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

I have often heard from other entrepreneurs that Pinterest was the best thing that could ever happen to their blog and business. Pinterest has been my go-to app for inspiration when I'm designing projects. However, it wasn't until I made these two small changes to my Pinterest page and saw over 700% growth, that I was completely sold on using Pinterest for my business.

If you are looking to increase your reach and monthly views on your Pinterest business page, here are two changes you should make to your Pinterest page right now.

1. Cleaning Your Boards

When I checked my Pinterest page on January 21, I was surprised to see I had 1.9k monthly views because I barely pinned publicly (I had created a private board for all my web inspiration). Seeing this really got me into taking Pinterest more seriously for my business. The first thing I noticed was that my boards were all over the place and not pleasing to the eye.

After doing some stalking of other successful Pinterest users, I realized I needed to make my Pinterest more organized and easy to find pins. Think of Pinterest as a one-stop-shop for inspiration, if you have organized boards with relevant titles and pins, more users will follow you and visit your page.

Check out the image below of my boards. Notice how I have the same graphic for each board cover but with different titles, so if someone is looking for email list building tips they can check out my email list building board and find pins about email marketing and list building. Easy right?

I also started writing more SEO friendly descriptions for my pins. What that means is that I started to use as many keywords related to my title and board as possible. I also incorporated hashtags into my board descriptions, heres an example below

2. Download Tailwind

One of my favorite Podcasters, Jenna Kutcher, swears by Pinterest and often mentions in her episodes, the app Tailwind. Tailwind is an app that helps you manage, analyze and promote your brand on Pinterest and Instagram. Once you download the app, you simply search for pins similar to your boards and you schedule them to go out on your Pinterest. With Tailwind, you save hours per week on Pinterest and still engage your Pinterest followers at the best times

The secret to intelligently scheduling pins in seconds is using the Tailwind browser extension.

Try it today and watch your monthly views increase by the thousands!

Check out pictures of my Pinterest page growth below!

My monthly Pinterest views Jan. 22 were 1.9k

My Pinterest monthly views Jan 25 were 14k

I know what you're thinking, what should I pin? or where should I pin? If you are serious about growing your Pinterest today and driving traffic to your blog grab the guide What to Pin & Where to Pin It.

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