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What No One Tells You About Blogging

Blogging has become the must-have page on every website. It has become a way for entrepreneurs and business owners to teach their audience without actually being in a classroom.

Blogging brings inclusion and personality to every online business. It allows clients to learn more about a company or brand before making their investment. Business owners use blogs to share their expertise on certain backgrounds to make themselves more credible to the client or reader. 

"I too became inspired by other blogs"

Although there are thousands of blogs to read and draw inspiration from, most of the ones I have read did not prepare me for writing my blog. There were some things I missed that I want you as a blogger to keep in mind of. 

1. Promote! Promote! Promote!

In order to get eyes on your latest post, you have to make some noise. What I mean by making some noise is that you have to promote your blog on everything. Don't think that a "1 and done" is enough. You have to promote your posts on all of your social media channels and to your email subscribers. The key to getting more traffic to your blog is placing it in front of your target audience multiple times and in multiple ways. A prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you. 

2. Offer Before You Ask

The most trending mistake I see new bloggers make is failing to add value to their subscribe button. A person's email is valuable because like my one of my favorite bloggers Jenna Kutcher says, there's money in your email list.  Your email list is your way of getting right in front of your subscribers because they are the ones who will likely invest in you. Most people won't subscribe to a blog just for reading sake. You have to offer your readers something of value like a free template, discount, or a free service to get them to engage.

3. Build Your Email List

When creating a blog, you have to keep your message and end goal in mind. Ultimately what do you want the reader to do? You have to give your readers next steps at the end of your posts. Guide them by saying, subscribe here for this, click here, or follow me on here. You have to guide them in order to keep them engaged and coming back to your blog. Through your email list, you can know your subscribers more intimately and what their needs are. Asking your subscribers what interest them can help in creating your future blog posts!

Do you need help planning when to create your blog posts and when to publish? Download this FREE Blog Calendar right to your google calendar.

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