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Shop Budget-friendly Wix Website Templates

Tired of breaking the bank to get your own website? Our Design on the Budget Wix Website Templates is perfect for entrepreneurs who want a professional design at an affordable price without sacrificing quality or functionality.

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Orchid  Website template

How This Works

Features You Will Love


Reach a wider audience with a beautiful and professionally designed website template without spending thousands of dollars. Our website templates are easy-to-use and designed by professionals, so you can launch your site with ease.

Template Support

Wix is great for beginners, but when you need to take your site in a more advanced direction or if something doesn't feel quite right with your design of yours then don’t worry because our certified Wix expert, Karima is here to provide you with the assistance that will get your site up and running.

Guided Training Videos

With our Wix website templates, you can launch your site with confidence, manage your website and instantly see success. We’ve got guided videos that will help take care of every aspect from start to finish!

Designer Crafted

With our extensive experience in the design industry, we have designed a number of stylish and innovative website templates for various industries. We have created website templates for business consultants, hair salons, coaches, and more!

Have Your Website Live in a
Few Hours or Less

  • How much does a website cost?
    For a new custom website design or redesign please view our pricing here. If you are looking for semi-custom designs at a low cost, you can check out our design on a-budget website templates.
  • Do you work with people in other cities?
    Yes! We love to travel and work with people with big dreams from all over the world. We are also open to all communication tools i.e phone, Facetime, Skype etc
  • Are Wix website templates free?
    Wix offers the freedom to edit any of their 800+ website templates without the pressure to purchase a Wix plan for the month/year. However, people choose our website templates because we offer templates that are inspired by unique designs, and follow the latest website trends.
  • What are some examples of a Wix website?
    We have designed well over 150+ websites on the Wix platform. To see our most favorite website designs check out our portfolio.
  • What types of businesses do we work with?
    We love working with small business and new entrepreneurs. Those who realize the 9 to 5 life just isn't fulfilling and are looking to make their dream, side hustle or hobby into a full career.
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Restyle Services

Let us restyle your design on a budget template so that you can focus on what you love — your business! Our turnaround time for this customization is just 7 business days! Restyle services start at $700!

How it works

  1. Choose a template

  2. Select your Restyle (standard or deluxe)

  3. Purchase your template

  4. Await instructions/next steps via email

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