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Wix Support for Growing Businesses

Elevate Your Business with Premium Wix Website Maintenance 

As your dedicated Wix Partners, we understand that a polished, high-performing website serves as the cornerstone of your business. Our specialized maintenance services encompass more than just updates and design; they are a holistic approach to ensuring your online platform mirrors the quality and integrity of your brand. Allow us to manage the complexities of website upkeep, so you can focus on advancing your business objectives with complete peace of mind.

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Choose your maintenance plan

  • Lite

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • Standard turnaround time for site updates ( 1 week)
    • 3 Hours of Website Support (includes content/page updates)
    • Website Content Strategy (1hr/month)
    • Monthly website progress/analytics report
    • SEO (up to 10 keywords/phrases, local targeting, etc. )
  • Best Value


    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
    • Standard Plus* turnaround time for site updates ( 3 days)
    • 5 Hours of Website Support (includes content/page updates)
    • Website Content Strategy (1hr/month)
    • Monthly Website Progress/Analytics report
    • SEO (up to 15 keywords/phrases, local targeting, etc. )
  • Premium

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • VIP turnaround time for site updates ( 1 day )
    • 10 Hours of Website Support (includes content/page updates)
    • Website Content Strategy (1hr/month)
    • Domain renewal (yearly only)
    • SEO (up to 25 keywords/phrases, local targeting, etc. )
  • How much does a website cost?
    We offer monthly subscription Wix Suite plans starting at $599. However, if you are looking to work with us at no commitment, you can check out our signature design packages and our design on a-budget website templates.
  • Do you work with people in other cities?
    Yes! We love to travel and work with people with big dreams from all over the world. We are also open to all communication tools i.e phone, Facetime, Skype etc
  • Are Wix website templates free?
    Wix offers the freedom to edit any of their 800+ website templates without the pressure to purchase a Wix plan for the month/year. However, people choose our website templates because we offer templates that are inspired by unique designs, and follow the latest website trends.
  • What are some examples of a Wix website?
    We have designed well over 100+ websites in the Wix platform. To see our most favorite website designs check out our portfolio.
  • What types of businesses do we work with?
    We love working with small business and new entrepreneurs. Those who realize the 9 to 5 life just isn't fulfilling and are looking to make their dream, side hustle or hobby into a full career.

Maintenance/Support Request

If you are a maintenance plan holder, please complete this form for support requests. please refer to your plan subscription for task completion expectancy. 

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