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Website Maintenance & Support for Growing Businesses

Elevate Your Business with Premium Wix Website Maintenance Packages

As your dedicated Wix Partners, we understand that a polished, high-performing website serves as the cornerstone of your business. Our specialized maintenance services encompass more than just updates and design; they are a holistic approach to ensuring your online platform mirrors the quality and integrity of your brand. Allow us to manage the complexities of website upkeep, so you can focus on advancing your business objectives with complete peace of mind.

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Why Regular Website Maintenance is Essential for Your Business

Ever landed on a website only to find broken links, outdated info, or slow loading times? It’s frustrating, right? That’s exactly what we want to help you avoid.

Website maintenance is essential because it keeps your site running smoothly and securely. Just like your car needs regular check-ups to run efficiently, your website requires ongoing care to perform at its best.

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Keep Your Website Secure, Fast, and User-Friendly with Ongoing Care

Regular updates not only fix potential security risks but also ensure all your plugins and tools are working correctly. This helps in preventing unexpected crashes and improving your site's speed. Plus, fresh content and updates can boost your search engine rankings, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Imagine a customer visiting your site and encountering outdated information or a slow-loading page. They might leave and never come back. Routine maintenance includes updating content, fixing any glitches, and ensuring your site is optimized for the best user experience.

Think of it like this: maintaining your website is like taking care of a garden. Regular watering, weeding, and tending keep it vibrant and attractive. Neglect it, and it becomes overgrown and uninviting. By keeping your website well-maintained, you're ensuring it remains a welcoming and effective tool for your business.

By prioritizing website maintenance, you're not just avoiding problems; you're actively creating a better experience for your visitors and keeping your business running smoothly online.

Website Maintenance Packages

  • Lite

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
    • Standard turnaround time for site updates ( 1 week)
    • 3 Hours of Website Support (includes content/page updates)
    • Website Content Strategy (1hr/month)
    • Monthly website progress/analytics report
    • SEO (up to 10 keywords/phrases, local targeting, etc. )
  • Best Value


    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
    • Standard Plus* turnaround time for site updates ( 3 days)
    • 5 Hours of Website Support (includes content/page updates)
    • Website Content Strategy (1hr/month)
    • Monthly Website Progress/Analytics report
    • SEO (up to 15 keywords/phrases, local targeting, etc. )
  • Premium

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
    • VIP turnaround time for site updates ( 1 day )
    • 10 Hours of Website Support (includes content/page updates)
    • Website Content Strategy (1hr/month)
    • Domain renewal (yearly only)
    • SEO (up to 25 keywords/phrases, local targeting, etc. )