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Hop into the Express lane—Don't Wait Weeks for Design!

VIP Design in a Day

Welcome to the fast lane of design!

In the world of driving, the express lane is your ticket to speeding past the crowd—why settle for slow when you can accelerate? With our 'VIP Design in a Day' service, you’ll experience just that. Get tailored website support, craft a unique semi-custom design, or fine-tune your existing site, all by the time you’re ready to eat dinner. Buckle up; we’re skipping the slow lane!

Online Class

Our VIP Design in a Day  might be right for you if…

  • You have a website and need small updates made
  • You have your branding and photography, you just need a semi-custom design
  • You don't have the time or patience to DIY your own website
  • You are crunched on time and don't wish to have a project extend out for week/months. 

VIP Design in A Day Options

Full Day (8 hours)

Just $2500  $1950

Starting at 9 AM, we have until 5 PM to update your website or build your semi- website. This block of time is perfect for a comprehensive overhaul or a new, detailed project.

Half Day (4 hours):

Just   $960  $780

If you opt for a half day, we start at the 9 am but wrap up at 1 PM. This option is ideal for smaller updates, quick redesigns, or any tweaks that don’t require a full day’s commitment.

What a Typical VIP Looks Like

  • How much does a website cost?
    For a new website design on the Wix platform, we offer pricing starting with a 4-page site at $4,200 - Just 8 payments of $525. If you are looking to have your current website redesigned on the Wix platform or migrate your site to Wix, our pricing for a 5-page website is $5,000 which is just 4 payments of $1250. However, if you are looking for semi-custom designs at a low cost, you can check out our design on a-budget website templates.
  • Do you work with people in other cities?
    Yes! We love to travel and work with people with big dreams from all over the world. We are also open to all communication tools i.e phone, Facetime, Skype etc
  • Are Wix website templates free?
    Wix offers the freedom to edit any of their 800+ website templates without the pressure to purchase a Wix plan for the month/year. However, people choose our website templates because we offer templates that are inspired by unique designs, and follow the latest website trends.
  • What are some examples of a Wix website?
    We have designed well over 100+ websites in the Wix platform. To see our most favorite website designs check out our portfolio.
  • What types of businesses do we work with?
    We love working with small business and new entrepreneurs. Those who realize the 9 to 5 life just isn't fulfilling and are looking to make their dream, side hustle or hobby into a full career.
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