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Common Lies You Often Hear From Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

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As a new entrepreneur you really have to stay self-encouraged and

continuously believe in your “why” – why you opened your store, why you

launched your business, why you decided to pursue your dream. Why?

Because every now and then, there will be days where you start to think “It

will probably fail anyway”, “no one will buy my product” or there’s no point

in selling this, everyone else is selling it too. When given too much thought,

these lies you may tell yourself can spread easily in conversations with

friends and families and limit the possibility of your business's future


Here are some common lies you often hear from entrepreneurs and if you

say “Oh my God Yes, I thought that” or “Yes I said that before” are not

alone, in fact, many of us seasoned entrepreneurs have said or thought

these once or twice. However, the solution is to know that these are lies

and to not let them hold long term value, derail or influence us in our

entrepreneurial journey.

1. No one will pay for that its too high

One of the hardest things I realized as an entrepreneur is setting my

price, not even setting my price but knowing my worth. When starting

out as an entrepreneur, you focus on being affordable and fear the

thought of asking too much. However 9 times out of 10, we ask for

way less than what we deserve. We take this “I’ll take whatever I can

get” mentality versus having a mindset of “This is what I know I can

bring to the table, this is what I do, this is what I am great at, this is

what it’s worth".

The truth is that the right people will in fact pay for your service,

you’re just looking for them in a smaller lens. In fact, there is

someone right now waiting for you to increase your fees because

they see the value in what you do and offer.

2. Everyone is doing that, I can’t do that too

Have you ever driven to a Mcdonalds and right next to it is a Wendy’s

and just across the street is a Burger King? I’m sure neither of them

questioned whether their burgers would sell being so close to each

other. Why? Because of preference and loyalty. Sure, they all sell

burgers but there are many people who prefer a whopper than a big

mac. They all have may have similar products, but they differ in

consumer experiences, branding and messaging. This same truth

applies to if you are a book author – there are millions of book

authors in the world but each has their own story, messaging, writing

style and genre. Don’t think that because there are many other

brands similar to yours that there isn't room for you, there's always

enough seats at the table.

3. There aren’t enough hours in the day

Let’s face it, most of us entrepreneurs are part time still working full-

time at our 9 to 5 job – we know what tired looks like. However, it is

not that it’s not enough hours in the day, the question is how are you

using your time effectively? We are all given the same 1440 minutes,

how you choose to manage and budget your time is very important.

Do you think there are not enough hours in the day because you are

juggling multiple projects and have yet to complete one in a day? Are

you overbooking yourself? Or are you forgetting meetings and

deadlines? If so, it’s time you focus on creating a time and task

management system. There are great free tools to help you get

started, one I am currently using and recommend is Asana. Asana is

great web and mobile app that helps you and your team create,

organize and manage tasks. You can assign projects to team

members, set deadlines, upload images and files and move project

tasks in a funnel or system you create!

4. As a new entrepreneur, I can’t afford to hire an employee right now

I’ll let you in on a little secret – many successful entrepreneurs are

not doing it all by themselves, there is a dream team behind them. In

fact, in order to scale up in your business, you will need more hands

on deck, especially when you have those months of high volume

traffic, leads and customers. To combat the idea that you can not

afford an employee or assistant – get interns! You can place a job

posting on a university job board, on your website or even linkedin. If

you are still hesitant in sharing your workload, try automating certain

tasks. For instance for social media, I like to use automation

platforms such as Hootsuite, Planoly and Tailwind. However, for project and

client management, you can check out Dubsado, Hubspot or

These were just a few common lies and I’m sure there are plenty

others. Whatever lie you may have been telling yourself, realize it,

speak it out of existence and encourage yourself whether in reading

your bible, listening to podcasts or reading articles like this!

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