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A Beginners Guide to Mastering Retargeting Ads

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

A beginner Guide to mastering Retargeting ads graphic

If you’re looking for a powerful way to get the most out of your digital marketing campaigns, then retargeting ads is an excellent option. Retargeting ads, sometimes also known as “follow-up” or “remarketing” ads, allow marketers to target customers who have already interacted with their brand in some way by displaying relevant ads that remind them about the product and service being offered. These types of targeted advertisements are particularly effective because they can help brands acquire new customers while also helping to keep current customers engaged. In this blog post, we'll cover everything there is to know about retargeting ads, from how they work and compare to other forms of digital advertising, to when you should use them for optimal performance. We'll provide detailed insight into the benefits of retargeting and how it can help you get the best possible return on investment from your marketing budget. By the end of this blog post, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of retargeting ads and how to leverage this powerful tool for maximum success.

How do retargeting ads work?

So, how do retargeting ads work? In short, they track online user activity and then display corresponding ads when they browse the web. The technology relies on cookies (small pieces of code) which are installed in a user’s browser when they visit a website or use an app. When the consumer visits another website, the cookie is triggered and displays corresponding retargeting ads on that page. This helps ensure that ads appear only to those individuals that have already expressed interest in your products/services — people who have visited your site but may not have taken any other action beyond just browsing at this point.

The different types of retargeting ads

There are three main types of retargeting ads:

  • Site retargeting: This type of retargeting targets users who have previously visited your website, and will display relevant ads to them as they surf the web.

  • List retargeting: This retargeting tactic specifically focuses on advertising to those individuals who were added to an email list but didn’t take any action (such as purchasing a product).

  • Search retargeting: With this technique, advertisers can target users who recently searched for specific keywords or phrases related to their brand.

At Dreamworth, we strongly recommend site retargeting ads because they are the most effective and can be used to retarget visitors who may have already interacted with your brand. When combined with other retargeting techniques, site retargeting ads can help you reach both current customers and potential customers alike. To get started with us to help develop your ads for your Wix account click here.

How do retargeting ads compare to other digital advertising?

When compared to other forms of advertising such as search engine marketing (SEM) and display advertising, retargeting offers more precise targeting capabilities due to its ability to hone in on users who have previously interacted with your brand rather than just randomly showing ads to whoever happens to be scrolling through their newsfeed. On top of this, retargeting can help boost ROI significantly due to better cost control and increased conversion rates. It can also help build customer recognition since customers feel more reassured by seeing familiar content even if they don’t click through immediately – this in turn helps build long-term relationships between customers and your brand.

When should you use retargeting ad campaigns?

Retargeting ad campaigns should be used when...

  • You have already established a relationship with the customer and want to further engage with them.

  • Customers are coming to the end of their buying cycle, as it can help generate conversions quicker and provide an additional incentive to make that purchase.

  • You are launching a new product

  • You want to re-engage users with your site after a period of inactivity – this can help bring them back into the fold and introduce new offerings.

How Retargeting ads can be used in conjunction with other ads

Retargeting ads can be used as part of a larger advertising strategy to maximize return on investment. By combining retargeting with other types of advertisements, businesses are able to reach more potential customers and drive higher conversion rates. For example, by leveraging retargeting with search campaigns, businesses can target users who already showed some interest in their product or service. Combining retargeting with social media campaigns is also highly effective for engaging with current and prospective customers on different channels. In addition, incorporating retargeting into video advertising is an effective way to increase conversions as video has been proven to be an effective medium when it comes to driving action. Retargeting ads can be used in combination with all the above strategies to create powerful advertisements that stand out from the competition and deliver maximum ROI.

Why you should create social media retargeting ads

Using retargeting ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be a powerful way to reach out to users who have previously interacted with your brand. With these kinds of ads, you have the ability to create highly targeted campaigns that are tailored specifically to reach the right people with the right message. Additionally, leveraging the power of social media platforms allows businesses to build relationships with customers over time, rather than just running a one-time ad campaign. Retargeting is an effective way to stay in touch and continue conversations with those who already have an interest in your product or service, making it an increasingly popular choice for advertisers.

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How to get started with retargeting ads today

Now that you understand the basics of retargeting ads, you can start creating campaigns tailored to your business goals. By leveraging retargeting techniques, it is possible to reach both current customers and potential customers alike in an effective way. Before getting started, be sure to define clear objectives for what you are trying to achieve with retargeting. Once this is done, you can move on to selecting which retargeting ad type best fits your needs as well as setting up parameters such as budget and targeting settings. Wix makes it easy for small businesses to get started with retargeting ads with its Facebook and Instagram Ads feature. All you need to do is log in to your Wix dashboard and open the "Marketing and SEO" tab, then select Facebook and Instagram ads tab to get started. Wix will guide you through connecting your Facebook business account, choosing an ad type, setting up a budget for your campaign, and creating a custom audience using criteria such as location, age, gender, interests, etc. Wix also does a great job at making sure your ad is optimized and retargeting not only those who have interacted with your website but follow you on Facebook/Meta and Instagram — as well as your own followers! With Wix's powerful Facebook and Instagram Ad feature, you have everything you need to start your own retargeting campaigns in no time! To get expert-level guidance on setting up your Facebook and Instagram ad through your Wix account, click here.

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The key takeaway here is that retargeting ads are a powerful tool that can help businesses reach their target customers and drive conversions. By combining retargeting with other types of ads, businesses can further increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. Additionally, leveraging retargeting on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allows businesses to continue the conversation and build relationships with those who have previously interacted with your brand. Finally, Wix makes it easy to get started with retargeting ads today – all you need is an account and you’re ready to start retargeting!

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