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Soul HealN Wellness Center

Wix Facebook and Instagram Ads Case Study


Soul Healn Wellness Center is a place of transformation and hope. Kishna Celce, Trauma & Resiliency Coach, initiated this center to provide trauma-informed coaching services that foster growth and inner peace for individuals on their journey toward healing. Through stretching and wellness events tailored to each person's unique needs, they empower them with strategies enabling happier living through self-healing tactics - because at Soul Healn Wellness Center we believe "Healed People Live Happier"!

Project Challenges

Kishna Celce, the visionary behind Soul HealN Wellness Center was eager to introduce her community to a truly transformational experience. She wanted to increase the number of RSVPs to her Sip & See (soft opening) of the wellness center which occurred on December 10, 2022. Her goal number of RSVPs was 25-30.

Project Strategy

To drive attendance at the Sip & See event, we employed a retargeting ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Leveraging Wix's classic ad subscription model of $79/month, the ad ran from October 26 to December 10 with the aim of drawing interested attendees directly to our registration page. We decided to create a carousel ad showcasing what people can expect at the new wellness center to get them excited to attend the sip and see. Check out the ad creative below.

The Results

Kishna made a huge impact with her Wix Facebook and Instagram retargeting ad. The campaign also yielded 2,976 ad views, reached nearly 1600 people, gathered 128 clicks, and resulted in 46 RSVPs to the Sip & See event.

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