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NTN90 business consulting Website redesign

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Wix website redesign + course launch case study

graphic of NTN 90 business consulting

About NTN90's Wix Website Redesign

NTN90 (Nineteen90) is a business advisory service that has been helping budding entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed professionally and financially for many years. With its comprehensive suite of business solutions, including LLC formation, Trade Marketing, S-Corp setup, and C-Corp setup, Nineteen90 provides the necessary guidance to help businesses stay ahead of the competition and reach their goals. The CEO, Kevin J. Dolce has worked with fortune 1000 companies and tech start-ups, He provides his clients with expert advice and insights into the fastest-growing companies.

Dreamworth and Co. were tasked with the challenge of completely overhauling NTN90's website using Wix as the platform for its redesign. We achieved success by transforming their services into products, designing a course that complements those items, constructing automated systems and pipelines to keep in touch with customers on an ongoing basis, and crafting a modern layout more accurately reflecting the company's aspirations.

Our Goal

Our ambition for the NTN90's redesign was to

  • Make purchasing an effortless process for potential clients

  • Provide potential clients with useful data that would help simplify their decision-making process

  • Streamline NTN90's automation methods and backend processes.

Project Challenges

The hindrances we dealt with throughout NTN90's redesign were the redefining and transferring of existing automations and funnels from Dubsado to Wix. We also had to discover ways to reinvent the content that was on service pages so that it would improve visibility, drive more organic traffic, and increase conversions. The client also wanted to include a course that would not only be beneficial for their customers but also reflects their commitment to business education.

Project Strategy

We took NTN90's services, packaged them into products, and added them to their website. Providing a seamless and expedited checkout experience, this feature has revolutionized how customers complete their purchases. By leveraging this model, NTN90 was able to construct a sustainable affiliate program that enabled existing customers to refer others for monetary benefits.

What is productization?

Productization is the process of transforming services into products. NTN90 relied on this new strategy to optimize its website and provide customers with an easier and quicker way to purchase products.

In addition, NTN90's business solutions page has been augmented with detailed descriptions and visuals to give NTN90's customers a better understanding of each product. To nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of our audience, we have created NTN90's Business Academy and Future Billionaire course on Wix platform in which we utilized the Wix programs apps.

For customers who made product purchases, we created back-end automation in Wix that would be initiated automatically. After reviewing the former website design, we discovered that customers were turning away from service pages due to lengthy forms they had to fill out just to get started. As a result, this caused an alarming amount of people bouncing off those specific pages. To further enhance their experience, we have integrated forms into the automated checkout process so that customers can complete them after making a purchase.

NTN90's former website design featured too much content on the service pages, which resulted in fewer customer conversions. In order to generate more organic traffic for the website, we reworked this content into blog posts instead.

mockup of Nineteen90 business consulting website

The Results

We successfully restructured NTN90's services into products, created a course, constructed automations and funnels within Wix, and redesigned the website with modern visuals. NTN90's new website was user-friendly, and easy to read and navigate, and the addition of a course provided Nineteen 90’s customers with valuable information and resources. NTN 90 also experienced higher conversions as more customers took advantage of NTN90's services after their website redesign. Since NTN90's released their new website design, they have experienced an amazing $50k increase in sales within the very first 3 months (nov 2022-Feb 2023). Additionally, there has been a surge of 66 customers and 68 purchases! As of March 2023, the Business Academy has attracted 50+ members and enabled Nineteen90 to reap more than $10k in revenue.

sales overview of ntn90 business consulting

The NTN90 redesign was a success! NTN90's customers benefited from the productization of their services, automated checkout experience, and course creation. This website design journey has been an incredibly enriching experience for us here at Dreamworth and Co. We are proud to have worked with NTN 90 and wish them continual success in the future. NTN 90 is the perfect example of a business that has been able to successfully expand its product offering and create high-value services for its customers by utilizing our expertise in website design, course creation, and marketing automation.

Ready to breathe new life into your website? DreamWorth & Company is here to help. Get in touch with us today and let’s start transforming the way you interact with customers online!

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