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The Wix Sales Page That Generated Over $400k in Two Weeks

laptop mock up of 21st Century business consulting website

21st Century Business Consulting is a leading consultancy firm providing cutting-edge solutions to businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals in the business credit arena. Recently, they launched a mentorship program to help individuals acquire the skills they need for accessing business funding, capital, and strategies for their own businesses. Seeking to attract potential mentees to join their mentorship program, the owner of the firm, Deonta Lee (Aka Dr. Tay G), reached out to Dreamworth to design a sales page for the mentorship as well as build out his email funnels and create a course format within the Wix platform.

The result? The sales page generated an impressive $440k in two weeks. In this case study, we'll explore the strategies we applied to design a high-converting sales page for 21st Century Business Consulting that can be used by any online business seeking to augment its revenue and grow its customer base.

Results of 21st Century Business consulting mentorship sales page

Our Goal

Our objective with the 21st Century Business Consulting Sales page was to simplify the purchasing process for potential mentees. We achieved this by:

  • Incorporating clear pricing plan options through Wix

  • Featuring testimonials from satisfied former mentees

  • Highlighting Deonta (Dr. Tay) and his expertise.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure a seamless and informed decision-making experience for our clients.

In addition, our aim was to provide Deonta's mentees with comprehensive access to all necessary resources and instructional videos upon enrollment. We have streamlined the process for Deonta, ensuring it is fully automated and hassle-free. Clear instructions and communication channels are also in place to aid in accessing valuable program materials.

Project Challenges

Our main concern when developing 21st Century Business Consulting's sales page was addressing potential inquiries or confusion from users regarding program access. To mitigate this, we implemented targeted automations at significant stages throughout the mentee funnel. This ensures a seamless user experience and minimizes any obstacles in the purchasing process.

The Sales Page Strategy

The intricacies of the sales page and why it was so successful

In this sales page strategy section, we will take a closer look at the unique portions of 21st Century's business consulting mentorship sales page that resulted in over $400k in sales in just 2 weeks. By thoroughly analyzing each element of the sales page, you'll gain valuable insights into what works and what doesn't, helping you create a compelling and effective sales page for your own business.

1. Start with a Pain Point

To craft a sales page that resonated with 21st Century Business Consulting's mentees, we focused on identifying and alleviating their main pain points. The top priorities for these aspiring entrepreneurs were access to expert credit and business coaching, as well as insider tips for accelerating their growth. By addressing these pain points head-on, we were able to create compelling and effective website copy. We further emphasized their individual struggles which were:

  1. Understanding the intricacies of credit scores, dealing with past financial mistakes, and navigating the complex process of improving creditworthiness.

  2. Identifying the right funding sources, creating compelling business proposals, and navigating the intricate landscape of loans, grants, and investment opportunities.

  3. Developing effective growth strategies, identifying untapped market opportunities, and implementing scalable business models.

By identifying the customer's problem and providing a practical solution, we were able to convince potential customers that our program was what they needed.

2. Re-Introduce The CEO and Mentor

In order to enhance the perceived value and establish the necessary credibility for the mentorship program, a key aspect of the sales page design revolved around providing comprehensive information about Dr. Tay G, the esteemed mentor, and CEO of 21st Century Business Consulting. By highlighting Dr. Tay G's expertise, achievements, and industry recognition, potential mentees gained reassurance that they would be receiving guidance and knowledge from a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional.

3. Introduce the Mentorship Program

After highlighting Dr. Tay G's expertise and establishing credibility, the sales page seamlessly transitioned into introducing the mentorship program and the various pricing options available to potential mentees. By integrating with the user-friendly pricing plans app provided by Wix, the sales page ensured a seamless and secure purchasing experience for interested individuals.

The mentorship program was designed to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of mentees, offering flexible pricing plans that align with their desired level of engagement and commitment. Four distinct pricing options were carefully crafted to provide mentees with choices that suit their preferences and goals.

  1. The first pricing plan, priced at $2,999, granted mentees one month of access to the mentorship program. This option was ideal for those seeking a focused and intensive period of guidance and support, where they could gain valuable insights and strategies within a condensed timeframe.

  2. For individuals seeking a more comprehensive and sustained mentorship experience, the second pricing plan, priced at $5,000, extended the access period to three months. This allowed mentees to delve deeper into their business challenges and receive ongoing guidance to drive long-term growth and success.

  3. The third pricing plan, valued at $10,000, offered mentees an extended access period of six months. This option was well-suited for those who desired an immersive and transformative experience, where they could implement strategies, receive continuous feedback, and navigate complex business landscapes under Dr. Tay G's mentorship for an extended duration.

  4. The fourth and final pricing plan, priced at $20,000, provided mentees with a full year of access to the mentorship program. This premium option offered mentees an unparalleled opportunity for comprehensive guidance and mentorship, enabling them to build a strong foundation, navigate challenges, and achieve sustainable success over an extended period.

With these four thoughtfully designed pricing options, the sales page ensured that potential mentees could select a plan that perfectly aligned with their goals, resources, and desired level of mentorship. Each plan was carefully curated to provide exceptional value, combining Dr. Tay G's expertise with a tailored and transformative learning experience.

4. Reiterate the value of the program

After presenting the pricing plans, it was important to reiterate the compelling reasons why potential mentees should join the mentorship program, emphasizing the transformative benefits and outlining the value they would receive upon enrollment. It was crucial to ensure that, upon making the decision to join the mentorship, mentees would feel confident in their choice, knowing that they were embarking on an extraordinary journey that would yield remarkable results.

5. Provide social proof

In addition to conveying compelling value propositions and emphasizing the transformative benefits of the mentorship program, the sales page recognized the significance of providing social proof to establish credibility and further inspire potential mentees to join. To achieve this, we incorporated video testimonials from past and current students who had enrolled in the program prior to the development of Dr. Tay's professional sales page.

These video testimonials showcased real results and authentic feedback, reinforcing the credibility of the mentorship program. By featuring actual students who had experienced tangible growth and success through the program, we aimed to instill a sense of trust and confidence in potential mentees. The video format was chosen intentionally, as it is a popular and impactful medium that elicits greater engagement and provides a more compelling return on investment.

6. Showing How It All Works

Following the captivating video testimonials, the sales page proceeded to outline a clear and simplified step-by-step process for potential mentees to join and participate in the mentorship program. It was crucial to provide concise instructions to ensure that individuals would not encounter any confusion or obstacles along the way. Following the captivating video testimonials, the sales page proceeded to outline a clear and simplified step-by-step process for potential mentees to join and participate in the mentorship program. It was crucial to provide concise instructions to ensure that individuals would not encounter any confusion or obstacles along the way.

7. Final Call to Action:

Having provided comprehensive information about the mentorship program, shared testimonials from successful students, and outlined a clear step-by-step process, the sales page culminated with a final call to action, inviting potential mentees to reflect on their readiness to join the program. This pivotal section aimed to prompt individuals to make a decision and take the next step toward their entrepreneurial success.

After immersing themselves in the compelling narrative of the sales page, potential mentees were invited to pause and consider the transformative opportunities that awaited them. By reiterating the value propositions, the unique benefits, and the credibility of the mentorship program, the sales page sought to reignite the sense of excitement and urgency within the reader.

The call-to-action was a straightforward question, such as: "Are you ready to take the leap?

This deliberate questioning aimed to prompt potential mentees to reflect on their aspirations, goals, and the potential for growth that the program offered

3. Use Compelling Imagery and Videos:

Visual elements are essential in creating an emotional connection and increasing user engagement. We used high-quality images and videos to showcase the mentorship program in action. We also included testimonials from satisfied clients to provide social proof and increase credibility. By using visual elements effectively, we were able to create an immersive experience that kept visitors engaged and interested in the program.

Creating value for your target market

One of the essential aspects of the sales page was providing value prospects for the target market. To do that, 21 Century Business Consulting offered a unique mentorship program with personalized consultation for each of the participants offering customized solutions to each program to cater to individual needs. It was essential to align the products with the values the company delivered, in this case, offering personalized mentorship, and this is what ultimately resonated with the target audience and resulted in massive conversion rates.

The power of social proof

Social proof can be beneficial when designing and promoting your sales page. In the case of 21 Century Business Consulting's mentorship program, prominent influencers and business experts endorsed the program. These influencers shared their experiences with the program, and this helped establish its credibility among the audience. The sales page also contained real-time testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers, which added to the social proof and encouraged more people to make the purchase.

5. Promote Your Sales Page Well:

An optimized sales page is not complete if no one sees it. Marketing strategies such as social media, email marketing, and influencer partnership are essential to make your sales page more visible. In our case, we used various social media platforms, email lists, Google Ads, and cross-promotion to draw visitor attention to our message.

The Results

In an astonishingly short span of just two weeks since the launch of the sales page on May 12, 2023, the mentorship program experienced an incredible surge in revenue, surpassing the remarkable milestone of $400,000 in sales. The response was nothing short of extraordinary, as 22 individuals seized the opportunity and committed to the highest pricing plan available.

Chart of $400000 results from 21st century Business Consulting mentorship
Results from 5/12/23-5/24/23

The resounding success of the sales page was a testament to its compelling design, persuasive messaging, and the irresistible value proposition it conveyed. The meticulous planning and strategic execution paid off, capturing the attention and trust of potential mentees who recognized the immense potential for growth and transformation offered by the mentorship program.

The high demand for the highest pricing plan underscored the program's appeal to individuals who were determined to make a substantial investment in their entrepreneurial journey. These visionary individuals recognized the value of comprehensive mentorship and were eager to seize the opportunity to accelerate their progress, maximize their profits, and achieve their business goals.

The outstanding revenue generated within such a short timeframe not only validated the effectiveness of the sales page but also demonstrated the trust and confidence potential mentees had in Dr. Tay G and his mentorship program. It served as a resounding endorsement of the program's credibility, as individuals willingly invested in their own growth, driven by the compelling testimonials, clear process, and the demonstrated track record of success.

Strategic Marketing

In addition to the exceptional results generated by the sales page, it is important to acknowledge the proactive marketing efforts undertaken by Deonta to amplify the visibility of his mentorship program and drive enrollment. Recognizing the power and reach of social media, Deonta leveraged various platforms to strategically promote his mentorship program and attract a wider audience of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Through engaging posts, compelling stories, and informative videos, Deonta not only showcased his expertise but also highlighted the transformative outcomes that participants could achieve through his mentorship program. By consistently sharing valuable insights, success stories, and snippets of the mentorship experience, he established himself as a trusted authority in the field, further enhancing the credibility of his program.

Deonta's social media marketing efforts extended beyond mere promotion. He actively engaged with his audience, addressing their questions, concerns, and providing valuable guidance. By nurturing an online community of like-minded individuals, he fostered a sense of belonging and support, creating a network of aspiring entrepreneurs who were not only interested in his mentorship but also eager to learn and grow together.

Summary of Sales Page Project

In summary, the journey of developing a persuasive sales page for Deonta's mentorship program has been nothing short of extraordinary. The remarkable success achieved within a mere two weeks since its launch exemplifies the power of effective marketing, compelling storytelling, and a strategically crafted user experience.

The sales page we meticulously designed showcased the transformative benefits of the mentorship program, instilling a sense of confidence and trust in potential mentees. Through engaging content, captivating video testimonials, and a clear step-by-step process, we ensured that every visitor gained a deep understanding of the value they would receive upon joining.

The incorporation of social proof, in the form of video testimonials, further enhanced the credibility and desirability of the mentorship program. By showcasing real results and feedback, we not only increased trust but also created a dynamic and relatable experience for potential mentees.

Additionally, our focus on simplicity and user-friendliness allowed individuals, regardless of their level of online experience, to navigate the sales page seamlessly and understand the compelling proposition. The strategic placement of calls-to-action and the responsive layout ensured that visitors were guided towards taking the next step in their entrepreneurial journey.

As we celebrate the remarkable revenue generated and the enthusiasm of 22 individuals who chose to invest in the highest pricing plan, we are thrilled to invite you to experience the transformative mentorship program for yourself. Click here to explore the sales page and discover how it can unlock your entrepreneurial potential.

Furthermore, if you are inspired by the sales page design and seeking exceptional website design services, I am here to help. With expertise in the Wix platform, I can create a visually stunning and highly functional website that truly represents your brand and resonates with your target audience. Contact me today to discuss your website design needs and let's embark on a journey towards digital success.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to accelerate your growth or a business owner seeking a captivating website design, this blog post has showcased the power of effective marketing, compelling storytelling, and the ability to create an engaging user experience. Take the leap, explore the sales page, and get inspired for your own sales page for you coaching program.

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