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Design on the Go: 2 Mobile Design apps You Must Download

Graphic design has become more obtainable in the last few years. Instead of being tied to your desk and computer to create graphic designs, now you can create beautiful projects whether you are on your couch, commuting to work on the train all from your mobile phone. If you are thinking about diving into graphic design and don't know where to begin, here are two mobile apps you'll love and won't you have to grab your laptop.

1. Canva

As an entrepreneur, CANVA is LIFE! Canva is a graphic design tool website that offers hundreds of templates ranging from posters and business cards to even Linkedin and Youtube banners. Right from your phone you can edit an image for Instagram and post it in just a few minutes. If you are thinking about getting your toes wet in graphic design, you can try Canva for free and once you are getting the hang of it, upgrade to their "Canva For Work" at just $12.95/month or $119.40/year. Check out my Canva tutorial below.

2. Over

The Over app is perfect for those who have experience in graphic design and are looking to do more graphically. Unlike Canva, the Over app offers features similar to Adobe such as "mask, layers, and blend". Over has lately been my go-to app for designing flyers, logos, and even mockups! Check out my video below of a t-shirt mockup.

You can download the Over app in your apple store or google play store today. There are currently three subscriptions to choose from after your free 14-day trial – Over Pro $9.99,

Over Pro Yearly $99.99, Over Pro Monthly $14.99

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