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How I Grew My Email List With A Free Facebook Ad

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

How I Grew My Email List With A Free Facebook Ad

It is often assumed, that with advertising you have to spend hundreds even thousands of dollars for print and digital ads. For the new entrepreneur or small business owner with a small budget, the thought of spending $500 or $1000 for an ad is heart-wrenching.

Luckily, we have companies like Facebook, offer advertising opportunities such as boost post where you can promote your business for as low as $1. In my previous blog post, I presented 4 Reasons why you should build an email list. Here, I will show you how I gained more subscribers to my email list with Facebook advertising and guess what?... I didn't have to pay for the ad!

Yup! In fact, Facebook gave me $50 in advertising credits because it was my first time purchasing an ad!

To make sure I received real results for this ad, I decided to use the "Get More Customer Contacts" option under the promotions tab on my Dreamworth business page.

get more website visitors on facebook

I choose the quickest and safest way for people to share their personal information; name and email.

For the headline, I choose to keep it short but wanted to ultimately get the reader to click to learn more.

Example of get More Contacts Ad Preview

The promotion ran for 18 days, where I targeted—as shown below—men and women between ages 21-35 who live in the Philadelphia tri-state and New York areas. The reasoning for this choice is based on previous reports of website visitors from those areas. The objective was to reach people who were found interest in small business, blogging, entrepreneurship, fashion etc.

Karima Williams Get More Contacts Ad Image

Overall, 1,661 people saw my ad and I gained ten more people to my email list.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Just 10?!" However think about it, that's ten more people that will receive my weekly emails, that I can engage with and potentially become clients.

Let's do the math—investing $50 per month for the next twelve months can generate one hundred-twenty potential new email subscribers ($50 x 12 months = 120 new subscribers).

If you have never purchased a Facebook ad and want to start, try with creating a lead ad campaign. It is a great way to get real results and see who is not only clicking your ad but want to learn more about your business.

Did this post help? Let me know what results you get from your ad below.

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