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No One's Opening Your Emails? Here's Why

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

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You have often heard me stress the importance of email list building and why having an email list is so essential for your small business. Let's face it: crafting the right email that will not only get someone to open but take action is NOT easy. If you found yourself last year sending emails with valuable content merely to receive less than %5 open rates, here are three reasons why your list subscribers might be not opening your emails.

Your Emails Are Too Long

Thinking back on your last email, were you cramming everything in the email? Did you find yourself sharing everything and fearing to leave something out? When crafting your emails, it's better to have one main focus and call to action. When we create "newsletter emails," we often think everything is newsworthy,'s not. Before you write your next email, ask yourself:

What does the reader need to know? (purpose)Why do they need to know this? (reasoning)What should they do now that they know? (i.e., call to action)


Too Passive

When crafting your emails, do not assume that your readers will know what to do. It is essential to have a clear call to action (i.e., download now, register, sign up, watch this, join me here, etc.). Notice that in those examples, it's vital to use follow up words that promote urgency like "now." Passive emails or emails without a clear purpose are often trashed or left read.

Poor Subject Line

On average, you may get 10-30 plus emails a day, that's if you have subscribed to various department stores, brands, and other businesses. The subject line can often determine which email to open based off how well written and intriguing it is. Here are three tips in writing an excellent subject line:

Keep it Simple (E.g., Access Granted: Join My new Facebook Group)Make it Shocking (E.g., This Changed my LIFE! I had to Share)Make it Funny (E.g., Real Hot Entrepreneur Shhhh)

Are you looking to nurture your email subscribers better?

Grab my Welcome Sequence designed to help you engage with your subscribers, and grow your email list. #beyondthepillow

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