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The Best Podcasts You Need to Help Grow Your Business

When it comes to building your business, you are going to need as much knowledge and tips as possible. I myself, I am always looking for a free helpful tip or new idea in how I can create content, make money and overall grow my business. One thing that has truly been a hidden gem in all the creatives of my website, brand and business is Podcasts! Podcasts are slowly but surely becoming a thing now! And you should be here for it!I have completely transformed my morning 45 min work commute into a audio class session. Seriously! I encourage you to turn off the radio or switch out of Apple music or Spotify and go over to your Podcasts app and download these podcasts.

Ready? OK!

Bola has great tips on getting your finances in order! Because of her Episode 44 on saving money, I created a savings account with Rize Money, so I can start saving the right way and you can too!

Jamila is another financial guru. Her podcasts focuses on financial success and wealth management. Check out her January 3 episode called "The Wealth Formula & The Secret Sauce Needed to Make it Work".

I seriously have to listen to Tatum at least twice a week. Black Girl boss podcast is great for African American Christian women who are balancing faith and business! Check out her most recent Episode 55. Drop a comment below if you cried a little like I did hehe.

Jenna  give awesome tips for building email Lists! Check out her episodes 116 & 117 if you are just starting out with building your list.

John gives great daily tips on tips to elevate you business and real life stories from other entrepreneurs! If your thinking about buying social media ads, you should definitely check out his episode "Why you need to be using Facbook ads in your business with Jaymie Tarshis".

Listening to these podcasts, I’ve received tips on goal setting for the new year, developing opt ins for my blog site, how to properly budget for my personal and business finances, the best apps for photo editing and so much more. If you are new to listening to podcasts, Start now! The best part about podcasts is that the entire lists of episodes are there for you so you won’t miss a thing. You can listen to each episode at your own pace. Happy listening and remember work on the dream until the dream works for you!

If you are already a podcast  fanatic, what are some podcasts you have in your library? drop them below in the comment section, I want to add them too!

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