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Design Your Dreams With Us

Groundbreaking Web Design that Elevates Your Brand

At Dreamworth and Company, we specialize in delivering outstanding web design and marketing solutions using WIX. From captivating designs to cutting-edge functionalities, we create websites that are tailor-made for your business needs.

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We Take Websites Beyond The Pillow

Every business has a story to tell and a dream to realize. In a world where the first interaction with your customers is likely online, your website is more than just a digital storefront; it's the opening chapter of your story. However, too many businesses struggle with websites that fail to capture their essence or speak to their audience, leaving potential growth and connection untapped. Enter Dreamworth & Company, your guide in the vast digital landscape. We specialize in creating custom website designs exclusively on the WIX platform, known for its robust and intuitive capabilities. With a deep understanding of WIX's powerful features, we craft websites that not only showcase your unique brand identity but also ensure your message is heard loud and clear.


It's time to turn the page. Imagine a website that tells your story, engages your audience, and drives your business forward. Without it, the risk isn't just a website that falls flat; it's a story that never reaches its audience. With Dreamworth & Company by your side, your website will become a cornerstone of your success, captivating visitors and converting them into loyal customers.


Let's build not just a website, but a legacy.

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Passion Meets Expertise

Meet Karima Williams

Hi there, I'm Karima Williams, the driving spirit behind Dreamworth and Company and your go-to Wix Legend Partner. My journey with Wix kicked off in 2017, and boy, has it been an exciting ride! Holding the title of a Wix Legend Partner isn't just about the accolades for me – it's a symbol of my unwavering dedication and in-depth mastery of the Wix platform. I've had the joy of guiding over 100 clients, helping each one to craft an online presence that truly stands out. My love for Wix springs from its incredible ability to create bespoke, effective, and easy-to-navigate websites. At Dreamworth and Company, we're all about the Wix Suite plans – a collection of personalized services that are all about boosting your business's digital game. Whether you're starting anew or giving your site a fresh look, my team and I are here to bring your unique vision to life, making sure your digital footprint is not just visible, but unforgettable.

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"I cannot express enough how exceptional my experience with Dreamworth & Company has been throughout the entire website development process. From the moment I decided to entrust them with bringing my brand to life, they exceeded all expectations.

One of the most challenging aspects of creating a brand is effectively conveying your vision to others and ensuring that they not only understand it but also embrace it as their own. Dreamworth & Co. not only saw my vision but, more importantly, they listened to me. This partnership transcended the typical client-service provider dynamic; we became a cohesive team working towards a common goal.

What truly sets Dreamworth & Co. apart is their commitment to collaboration. Instead of imposing their own ideas and plans, they actively engaged with me in meaningful discussions to understand the nuances of my vision. We developed a comprehensive plan together, where every detail was meticulously crafted to align with my brand identity."

- Toni Chavis / Courageous Woman Rise Up

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Courses: Gain immediate access to our online courses and discover the secrets of scaling your business using Wix.


Wix Unlocked Masterclasses: Our classes cover everything you need to know about growing your website on the Wix platform. Join us and become a pro in no time!

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If you’re a Wix website user, you know how important it is to keep your site active and up to date. Our affordable website maintenance plans provide ongoing support, including content updates, SEO optimization, and regular success reports. 

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