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We Take Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs Dreams'

 Beyond The Pillow

We Believe Every Dream is Worth it 

At Dreamworth and Company, we are ambassadors for small businesses, organizations and new entrepreneurs. We believe every dream whether big or small is worth the effort to support and make a reality. We offer a wide range of marketing consulting and communication services.  At Dreamworth and Company, we tailor our services to our clients' specific needs and objectives. We take our clients' dreams, visions and ideas beyond the pillow and place them on paper, making them a reality.

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Full Website

Built On Wix, Weebly & Squarespace

Home + About + Contact Pages

Up to 5 Additional Pages

Email Integration

30 min Walkthrough + Recording

14 Day Tech Support

Website Launch Strategy

SEO Set-up

Custom One-Page Website

Built On Wix, Weebly & Squarespace

Up to 4 Anchors

Email Integration

30 min Walkthrough + Recording

14 Day Tech Support

Website Launch Strategy

SEO Set-up



Brand Guide
Color palette
Business Card 
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A La Carte


Special services updated daily to help you, the entrepreneur, in every step of your business.

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Your Dream Manager

Hi, I'm Karima (Rima for short). Im a cucpake lovin' Christian from South Philly. I strongly believe that a business without faith and without God will never work. It is important to me to include God in every detail of my business, my dreams and my plans. I acknowledge God as the Owner and Creator of Dreamworth. Through Him, I am able to serve others and help them carry out their own dreams and visions. I believe that every dream, vision or idea is worth the support big or small.

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Client Love

I had used other people before and I was not satisfied with them. Karima was the only option once I saw what she did with my logo.

Kishna Jeantine, Exponential Growth & Development LLC.

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