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Professional Design with a Dreamy Transformation

I'm Karima Williams and I help women entrepreneurs attract and convert their growing serviced based businesses through web design and system solutions.

Establish your online presence professionally.

At Dreamworth and Co., we provide one-on-one services, self paced courses and free resources all to help you attract and convert your serviced based business.

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Your New Designer & Strategist

I'm Karima (Rima for short). I'm a Business Design Strategist and a cupcake lovin' Christian from South Philly. At Dreamworth and Company, I provide professional designs with dreamy transformations for growing entrepreneurs who want to attract and convert their service-based businesses. I take our your dreams, visions, and ideas beyond the pillow and place them on paper, making them a reality.

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A few of my faves

I take our yourdreams, visions, and ideas beyond the pillow and place them on paper, making them a reality.

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Your business is growing, right?

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