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Its Not Jinxing, Its Accountability

Updated: Jan 25

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Have you ever had a  great idea of a project you wanted to start, but you didn't want to tell anyone because you felt it was too soon to talk about? You didn't want to jinx yourself? The fear of telling someone and not living up to what you say suddenly comes over you.

I want to tell you, you should!

You should have at least one person whom you can tell your dreams and ideas to for a few reasons and the main reason is accountability.

You need someone who will hold you accountable especially if you are;

1. Thinking of starting a project alone.

2. If you tend to procrastinate or not finish projects you start.

You want someone that will check up on you and ask "Hey how's XYZ going?" or "Did you map out your goals yet?" You also want to tell someone so that you can have a different point of view and be able to bounce ideas off of each other. For instance, you may have an idea to start a women's shoe store in the center city, if you run your idea across with a friend they may suggest you have your store in another part of the city that is more affordable, less dense, and has more foot traffic.

3. Lastly, you want to tell someone your dream or idea because it feels good!

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It feels good to share with people our goals and what we hope to accomplish. Keeping it bottled up inside can cause worry and stress. It's good to talk your ideas over with a trusted supportive friend. In return, that's how you gain a supportive following for your business.

If you are looking to make the 1st step towards taking your dream seriously and want someone who will hold you accountable, schedule a consultation today!

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