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#1 Habit That's Keeping You From Being Productive


If you are someone whose responds on a job application, "Yes, I like to work on multiple projects in a  period of time versus working on one project at a time", you are not alone. For years, I would pride myself on my ability to manage multiple tasks as the same time. While at work, I would answer phone calls, respond to an emails, drink coffee, scroll social media and respond to group text messages all in the same setting. Only real multi-taskers can relate especially if you, like myself had not 1 but 2 computer screens to jump back and forth between.

Only real multitaskers can relate especially if you like myself had not 1 but 2 computer screens to jump back and forth between.

However, what I failed to realize was that for those years of juggling multiple tasks constantly, I weakened my ability to stay productive and focused. When I thought I was getting a lot of work completed throughout the day, I noticed I was left with unfinished projects. For instance, if I am working on a blog post while checking Instagram, answering emails and creating a landing page on the website, I am only giving 40 percent of my time and effort for the blog post. The other tasks will take 20 percent of my time. By the end of the day, nothing was accomplished and a 100 percent of my time was shared among 4 different tasks that never were completed. 

I don't know about you but as I've gotten older my memory and ability to memorize things has gotten worse. Did you know multi-tasking causes memory loss? According to Harvard Health, Multi-taskers are also less likely to retain information in working memory, which can hinder problem solving and creativity. In fact before 1965 the word "multi task" didn't exist. (Put the author of this source and where you got the source from) says that during this same decade, psychologists began studying the limits of human ability to process more than one set of stimuli at a time. Over time, multitasking has become a seemingly necessary skill for staying competitive at work and in contact with friends and family. It’s essential for preventing a new form of anxiety — FOMO, the “fear of missing out.” We work on multiple projects at one time in fear that we won't have enough time to do the things we love. You may say to yourself, " let me get this and this done real quick so that I can go here later", when in reality what you worked on never really got done did it?

If you are slowly becoming forgetful as I am it could be because of how much you multi-task. Our brains are not capable to handle multiple tasks at one time, we're not computers. My Pastor once said in one of his Sunday sermons, "Forgetfulness is laziness".

Forgetfulness is Laziness

I find this to be true because when we forget, we are not training our brains to remember what we need to do. You need to stop and ask yourself, "Am I really forgetful? or am I too lazy too remember?". 

So, if you are like me and consider yourself a Van Gogh of multi-tasking, I encourage you to put the paint brush down and pick up these new habits that will help you become more focused and productive in your business and every day life.

1.  Write Down 3 Tasks

Focus on accomplishing just 3 things every day. Writing them down will help you keep track and see how much you accomplished at the end of the week. Over time you will get better at reaching your monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. This also helps you to remember what your goals are and not to forget them. 

2. Close Your Multiple Window Pages

Raise your hand if you keep 3-5 windows open on your computer- some of which may not be relevant to the task at hand. By closing your windows and limiting yourself to just one, you are able to focus better and tunnel in on one task at a time, so exit out of Youtube and Amazon.

3. Starve Your Distractions

Our phones are the number one source of our distractions. To starve those distractions and those urges to check notifications, simple silence or place your phone on do not disturb. If you need drastic measures try locking your phone away in a drawer or moving it to another room. Out of sight, out of mind right? This allows you to focus on what is important and not what's trending on social media.

I hope these tips help you become more productive throughout your week and for the rest of the year. If you enjoyed reading this post, like and share it!

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